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HiTcH Belts for Him & Her

Step in to the world of HiTcH – the most comfortable belts you’ll find & the best thing to happen to jeans since ordinary belts! HiTcH belts are practical, very comfortable and also a great accessory if you want to colour coordinate. With our unique loop system they hold your trousers up all day and are easy to put on and take off.

Our belts are perfect for your everyday use as well as your active leisure time while you’re out and about walking, cycling or even trampolining! They work well for anyone and everyone looking for a comfortable way to hold up their trousers and look good at the same time.

Hitch wanted to offer a first class product that worked, looked good and was available to everyone whatever their sport, passion or lifestyle, so we set about designing our HiTcH belts.

We researched different materials, different sizes, loops, buckles and clasps and found what worked best was a lace type belt with a loop, so we went with what worked best a looped lace belt.

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